Darning Basics
In this 2-hour introductory workshop, we cover:

+ A brief history of garment repair and its environmental impacts today
+ Darning tools, yarn, and picking the perfect materials for your mend
+ Darning techniques, demo, and darning together

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+ Saturday, Feb. 11th, 11:00am-1:00pm ET: Artful Darning for Knits and Wovens at the Ace Hotel New York Join Waitlist 

Sunday, March 5th, 10am-12pm ET: Darning Basics (Online) ↗ Registration opens Feb 5th

+ Sunday, June 4th (Time TBA): Darning Basics (Online) ↗ Registration opens May 4th

+ Sunday, Sept. 17th (Time TBA): Darning Basics (Online) ↗ Registration opens August 17th

+ Sunday, Dec. 3rd (Time TBA): Darning Basics (Online) ↗ Registration opens Nov. 3rd

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